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There are plenty of things I could tell you, things about my book and what I want to write in the future. However, my novels have secrets that only they can tell. What I can share are short stories that I’ve written. If you would like to read one, and have the opportunity to take part in giveaways and prizes, then sign up for my newsletter. Recipients will receive a ‘key’ to unlock hidden stories on my website.

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The first hidden story on offer – Seeing is believing.


Maggie claimed there were the ghosts of squirrels in Harlton Woods. As we walked amongst the bluebells, I’d point at the squirrels on the branches and she’d tell me which were ghosts and which were alive. According to Maggie even the fox I spied in the hollow of an oak was a ghost. The woods weren’t exactly spooky. Just old trees with knotted branches and moss covered bark. I played along with her; it’s what friends do when they’re innocent and young.


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