Blog Tour Day 2 – the continuing voyages of an author

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I’m excited that my book, The Last Thing She Said, has managed to cross not one sea, but two.  I’m visiting Europe and America.  A big thanks to these book bloggers and reviewers for take the time to review and host my book.

A few chapters of the book are set in the farming communities of Ohio, so I’m intrigued what readers over in the US think of my portrayal of rural life.

In de Boekenkas – Review

Rev. Rebecca Writes: Read, Write, Pray – Review and Q&A including a question on how to write about playing an musical instrument.

Stardust Book Review – Review



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  1. BeckieWrites

    I really enjoyed reading your book! Thank you so much for the link. I hope everything on your blog tour goes exceedingly well. Thanks again!

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