Beyond the Yew Tree – available on pre-order

Publication day is one month off, but if you can’t wait, then you can pre-order the Kindle edition now.  Paperback will be available, too.

So, head on over to Amazon, and order or add to you wishlist.

Still not sure?  You can read the opening pages here.

Beyond the Yew Tree

Whispers in the courtroom.

Only one juror hears them.

Can Laura expose the truth before the trial ends?

In an old courtroom, a hissing voice distracts reluctant juror, Laura, and at night recurring nightmares transport her to a Victorian gaol and the company of a wretched woman. Although burdened by her own secret guilt, and struggling to form meaningful relationships, Laura isn’t one to give up easily when faced with an extraordinary situation.

The child-like whispers lead Laura to an old prison graveyard, where she teams up with enthusiastic museum curator, Sean. He believes a missing manuscript is the key to understanding her haunting dreams. But nobody knows if it actually exists.

Laura is confronted with the fate of two people – the man in the dock accused of defrauding a charity for the blind, and the restless spirit of a woman hanged over a century ago for murder.

If Sean is the companion she needs in her life, will he believe her when she realises that the two mysteries are converging around a long-forgotten child who only Laura can hear?