New Release – A Summer of Castles

It’s a scorching summer in the UK and records are being broken. It isn’t the first hot summer and it won’t be the last. In 2003, it was warm, although not to the same degree as this July. The reason for the year? Well, for one thing I needed dry weather, it is crucial for the two key characters in my new book. One is a photographer, the other an artist, and both are required to work outside.

A Summer of Castles captures that heat of summer in the scenic locations of the north of England, specifically ruined castles, some famous, others not so. It’s not the castles that harbour secrets though, but the people who visit them. Robyn is daydreamer with aspirations, and her artistic counterpart has a past he wants to keep hidden. What will happen when they meet each other?

Staying in contact these days is less of an issue, but do you remember the days before social media and Whatapps groups? When mobile signals were poor and WiFi only available in limited locations, like internet cafes. It was much harder to keep connected to friends and family, and the world beyond. So when two people’s paths collide, how do they keep track of each other when they’re not sure if they can trust each other?

A Summer of Castles is my fourth book touching on the themes of love, guilt and family secrets, and magic too. There is that element of the unknown that accompanies my stories. I hope you’ll enjoy finding out what is special about Robyn.

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A Summer of Castles

A secret in ruins.

At the beginning of the sultry English summer of 2003, Robyn Yates quits her job to photograph fifteen castles for a man she’s never met. A man who won’t tell her his real name.

What motivates her is an unusual ability she can’t explain nor understand. Somebody does though and is keen to exploit her secret.

But Robyn isn’t alone on her journey. An artist is painting pictures of the same castles. Wherever she goes, so does he, like a stalker. But is he dangerous? And could this man be the same person who wants her photographs?

She decides to challenge him, never anticipating that the confrontation will change the path of both of their lives.

The stifling summer will eventually end, but will Robyn find out the truth in time?