Only women can discover Heachley’s secret.

The life of a freelance illustrator will never rake in the millions so when twenty-eight year old Miriam discovers she’s the sole surviving heir to her great-aunt’s fortune, she can’t believe her luck. She dreams of selling her poky city flat and buying a studio.

But great fortune comes with an unbreakable contract. To earn her inheritance, Miriam must live a year and a day in the decaying Heachley Hall.

The fond memories of visiting the once grand Victorian mansion are all she has left of her parents and the million pound inheritance is enough of a temptation to encourage her to live there alone.

After all, a year’s not that long. So with the help of a local handyman, she begins to transform the house.

But the mystery remains. Why would loving Aunt Felicity do this to her?

Alone in the hall with her old life miles away, Miriam is desperate to discover the truth behind Felicity’s terms. Miriam believes the answer is hiding in her aunt’s last possession: a lost box. But delving into Felicity and Heachley’s long past is going to turn Miriam’s view of the world upside down.

Does she dare keep searching, and if she does, what if she finds something she wasn’t seeking?

Has something tragic happened at Heachley Hall?

Miriam has one year to uncover an unimaginable past.


5* Reviews

“The story is beautifully constructed and precious, and it is very satisfying.”

“This beautifully written mystery weaves a spell around the house and the people connected to it.”

I utterly loved this book from start to finish. A haunting romance full of intrigue. I was enthralled and had to keep reading, I needed to know what happens next, the end of every chapter left me wanting more.
This is a wonderful book, one I recommend highly, it has to be one of the best books that I have ever read…. and I have read quite a few over the years.

This story had so much more depth and substance to it than I expected and I really enjoyed the historical aspects of the story as well as the contemporary plotline. Miriam is a great character and I loved the small town that knows everything and everyone. There are secrets, intrigue, a stunning old manor, and characters that make it all come alive, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of THE WOMEN OF HEACHLEY HALL by Rachel Walkley.

Goodreads reviewers

The story is intriguing and at times had me on the edge of my seat. The book is beautifully written and the story tempts the reader with snippets of clues throughout the book. The house itself is almost a breathing entity with its own personality and I loved this about it. A cleverly written plot that drew me in and had me wandering the rooms of Heachley Hall along with Miriam. A story about love, regret and the secrets families keep. Highly recommended.  ~ Brook Cottage Books

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Angus and Robertson (Australia)

Mondadori (Italy)

Three Sisters. Three Gifts. One Prophecy

“Beware of a man named Frederick and his offer of marriage.”

Rose’s granddaughters, Rebecca, Leia and Naomi, have never taken her prophecies seriously. But now that Rose is dead, and Naomi has a new man in her life, should they take heed of this mysterious warning?

Naomi needs to master the art of performing. Rebecca rarely ventures out of her house. She’s afraid of what she might see. As for Rebecca’s twin, everyone admires Leia’s giant brain, but now the genius is on the verge of a breakdown.

Rebecca suspects Naomi’s new boyfriend is hiding something. She begs Leia, now living in the US, to investigate.

Leia’s search takes her to a remote farm in Ohio on the trail of the truth behind a tragic death.

Just who is Ethan? And what isn’t he telling Naomi?

In a story full of drama and mystery, the sisters discover there is more that connects them than they realise, and that only together can they discover exactly what’s behind Rose’s prophecy.

Who will believe her?


(Print and Kindle)

Goodreads Reviews

The novel is both easy to read and beautifully written, and the ending… No, I won’t give you details, but let’s say I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did. Definitely a feel-good story.
A book I recommend to anybody who enjoys contemporary women’s fiction, optimistic stories about family relationships with a touch of the paranormal, and who are eager to discover a new and talented writer. ~ Rosie’s Book Review Team

This novel was fantastic. The end blew me away and I really can’t wait to read more by Rachel Walkley. Her writing is engaging and her characters are incredibly relatable. I highly recommend this novel. ~  Jessica Rachow Author and Blogger

The pace to this book flows beautifully between the Sisters stories…. Their characters were developed really well, they are strong, unique, likeable and warm. ~ Dash Fan Book Reviews

This book had a brilliant plot line, and allows the reader to follow along at the right pace. I LOVED the paranormal aspect to this book. ~ Mixing Reality with Fiction

Honestly, I would be quite happy to read an entire book filled with the tales behind the annual premonitions.

The Last Thing She Said is at times happy, and at other times heart-breakingly sad, but at all times it is a beautifully written, sensitively handled book. ~ Mai’s Musing

I loved how the writer brought the grandmother back into the story because she really was the driving force in the book. What an amazing woman she was!!! ~ Devilishly Delicious Books

The paranormal touch is an extra asset for a lover of magic like me. The mystery in the book is not the most important, but how the relationship between the sisters develop is why you love this story. The last thing she said is a book that you didn’t read for the mystery, but for the wonderful family connection. When you close this book you could be smiling. ~ In de Boekenkast

Each of the sisters and their insecurities are focused on with equal intensity which makes the story an adventure in itself. It has been quite some time since I read a story like this. ~ Trails of Tales

 The Last Thing She Said by Rachel Walkley is a fast paced and enjoyable book. Throughout the book I was suspicious of a certain character, but I was unsure how the author would knit the pieces together in order to make the narrative work. By the end of the book, I was left with a smile on my face and a satisfying conclusion. ~ Rev. Beckie Writes

If you are looking for a mellow tale with focus on the characters as much as the plot then this is for you.  ~ Herding Cats

This is an engaging and enjoyable story, a family drama with great characters, plenty of twists and turns and an ending that will leave you with a smile on your face. ~  Splashes into Books



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